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Time Stop to Pick the Game

Every so often it comes up at the gaming table, what we are going to do next?  I play with a regular gaming group and we have several game masters in our rotation and we enjoy a variety of different systems and genres.  The players in the group also enjoy a variety of systems of genres but sometimes for whatever reason they don’t seem to line up perfectly at the same time.  Then we kind of go into some sort of non-productive tailspin for a bit until one of us seems to have had enough of this and makes a decision to run a game, something, anything, and amazingly we all sit down and have some fun.

How do we save against this non-productive time?  I like to think that preparing games when other GM’s are running something else is a good idea.  What if after one game is done one or a few of the players aren’t feeling that type of game?  Someone can always run a pre-gen adventure but what if someone isn’t interested in that genre?  I really want to hear what your groups are doing or if this is a problem for any other groups out there.

One clever member of our group set up a poll on our Facebook group page that we use for easy communication amongst all members of our group.  There were six choices listed that he was thinking of Game Mastering for the group or that he knew somebody else had ready to run.  Then we could select which we wanted.  We decided we could pick more than one and it looks like we got a fair understanding of what our group is looking for in their games as a whole.  Nobody made all their selections the same although a couple of games rose to the top easy enough.  This didn’t require any of our table time to work out and you can’t say enough about getting a vote or three.

What do other groups doing that can help work out what’s next?   Do you have just one GM and one game that you play every week?  If you don’t have steady game then I would love to hear your preference and what you would do to keep it all straight and maximize table time.  Until next time, Roll Hard!

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  1. I like the Facebook or Google+ idea for sharing ideas… If you have a running list of the things people are signing up to do, you never run out of stuff if the group is willing to try new things. I haven’t had a regular group for over a year now (disbanded due to some differences of opinion on scheduling), but would love to have a group that was this “together” to plan ahead!!

  2. yeah i have to say i think this was the best way in general. everyone got their opinion out in the open without any lengthy debates on why… saved most of a day of chat and set the next game in motion. was just thinking about depending on which game was chosen by the poll, whoever is gonna dm the winner could always use another poll for the details… char lvl/points, feel and setting. if it worked 1 time it should work for the more minute details right?

  3. I am still learning the ins and outs of that Google+ thing but there are possibilities there. Obsidian Portal homepage to a campaign but that is rather one sided. I am sure that a tech savvy individual out there has an idea that is so awesome I will be feebleminded by my own ignorance.

  4. My personal experience is that having other GM’s working on campaigns while playing in another game tends to derail everything. They tend to loose focus on the campaign at hand and other players start to get starry eyed with the promises of the next GM. Could be different in other groups though.

    • i definately see that happening from time to time. it should really be one of those… plan it then drop it topics. Let everyone stay focused on the game at hand and only the dm who is working on the new game think of it. If that dm has to get info for his game, do it in a medium that isn’t gaming night. Call, e-mail or something other than bringing up an alt game at the table. Seems like keeping the topic limited to a few surveys should keep the starry eyes focused more on the game at hand.

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