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Well this week the news has been about one thing and rightfully so, Gencon.  There is a flood of news out there so I thought I would tell you were to go get all kinds of that news and my personal reflections on a couple of those announcements.  Without further fanfare then.

Obviously the Star Wars license going to Fantasy Flight Games is huge.  If you have been keeping up you will know I am a  big fan of Star Wars.  I was always a bit let down by what Wizards of the Coast did with the license and the Saga Edition rules felt like a half-finished 4e setup.  So with that being said I am really curious to see what a new company can do with the Holy Grail of licensing rights.  There has been no product announcement so far concerning a role-playing game but they did announce a ship to ship combat game and a card game here.

How I am expected to not just burst with excitement over the announcement of the Marvel license being picked up by Margaret Weis Productions?  The Marvel Super Heroes Role-playing Game by TSR was my game of choice in my early teen years.  This company has a great history with the handling of other companies IP, such as Leverage, Smallville, and Supernatural.  The game will use the Cortex Plus system and there are already sixteen products planned.  I am a comic book geek raising a comic book geek so this sounds like the perfect game for us.  Read more about it here.

Wizards of the Coast stop producing their pre-painted miniatures but who is there to pick up the ball and run with it....Paizo.  In conjunction with WizKids who produce HeroClix, Paizo has announced the release for later this year of fixed sets of pre-painted miniatures for Pathfinder.  If you love to paint miniatures and have the time to sit and paint I envy you.  If you don't have the time you are probably glad that someone had the good sense to bring this back.   Can't wait to hear what is going to be in the boxes, check out the news here.

Those are a couple of the news items coming out of Gencon that were interesting to me personally.  Now for a few other things we have been keeping our eyes on this week.

If you dig Pathfinder, like so many gamers do, then you need to get a copy of Pathways magazine by Rite Publishing.  It is a magazine devoted to Pathfinder and it is FREE.  After reading these the last couple months I decided to head on over to and pick up a couple products by Rite Publishing to review.  Look for that review coming up soon.

Fresh off the net is a great new site that I have discovered, although they have been around a while.  Ask the Dungeon Master, is a useful resource where you can get an experienced GM's honest opinion on what is puzzling you in your game.  The fact that it is funny is a bonus.  Today's blog question comes from our own blogger B.A. Bordeaux, click here to enjoy it.  Check out his great rpg webcomic, One Die Short by Matt Forcella as well.

As always I suggest checking out Game Knight Reviews to find out all kinds of interesting rpg news in a much more readable fashion than some other gaming news sites.  I appreciate my news without clutter.

If you enjoyed the Horror Gaming blog by Tristan Hendrix this week then check back for the next installment coming soon.  Keep up with Gaming Tonic on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @gamingtonic.  Until next time, Roll Hard!



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  1. Thank you for taking the time to mention our product Pathways and we look forward to your reviews, if there is a particular product you would really like to review please just shoot me an email Steve (at) RitePublishing (dot) com

    Thank You Again

    Steve Russell
    Rite Publishing

  2. Thanks for the link! And keep up the great work. GT is offering quite a variety of great articles full of gaming goodness. We need more of that. :)

    • Thanks. We just finished our first month and it has been better than I could have hoped. I sincerely thank you personally and Game Knight Review for all your help as well as all those who have supported us.

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