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Review: Dinocalypse Now by Chuck Wendig:Kickstarter Dinocalypsy Trilogy

If you crave dread zeppelins, two-fisted tough guys, Neanderthals, intelligent ape warlords, and think psychic dinosaurs are fun then you have to go and support the new Kickstarter project Dinocalypse Trilogy penned by Chuck Wendig and brought to you by Evil Hat Productions.  I had a chance to review the first book, Dinocalypse Now, and can’t wait to see what can possibly happen to the characters to top their adventures in the first book of the trilogy.

Dinocalypse Now is set in the Spirit of the Century setting, but I have never read the setting or played the game, although I have heard that it is amazing.  My lack of prior knowledge of the setting had no effect on the enjoyment level of my reading because Chuck Wendig does an amazing job of setting the scene and wrapping my mind in of the early 1930’s and all the pulp elements.  The action gets started right away and doesn’t let up even when you finish the book because your mind will still be drawn to the characters and what could possibly happen next.

After an attempt on FDR’s life sets events in motion that the Century Club has to set straight.  That will start with defeating a talking ape dictator that has taken over New York with the help of his allies, the psychic dinosaurs, and Atlantean technology.  Then a spirited battle with the Shark Man, some Neanderthals, and some problems with space time are just a few of the amazing adventures that await the heroes and you.

Professor Khan, the intelligent ape and his sensible outlook and reserved manner immediately sold me on the character.  The comic relief that the professor provides is classic.  There is also an interesting love triangle but the simian professor is not involved in that.  Just didn’t want any confusion.  The rocket pack flyboy Jet Black, ace pilot and all around tough guy Mack Silver, and Janey on the spot mechanic, Sally Slick provide the romance that is so classic in the genre.

I have always been a fan of pulp ever since watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and Tales of the Gold Monkey as a kid.  I am an even bigger fan of super heroes, and the way Chuck has combined the two in this book is perfect for an evening of high adventure reading.  The inspiration that this will give you to play a Spirit of the Century game if you are a gamer is just a splendid side effect.  The characters are bold and full of spirit, the villains are entertaining and formidable, and the fantastic locations are described with brilliant effect to engage the reader in all the action as it continuously unfolds throughout the first novel.

Now I told you about the action and with characters like the high flying Jet Black or the mystical, rapier wielding adventurer Benjamin Hu, you will eat the pages up in short order.  Then you will sit and wonder about what a screenplay will look like.  Sometimes it is fun to imagine.  You can get Dinocalypse Now and the next two novels for a pledge to the Kickstarter of $10.  You can contribute more and receive even cooler rewards and support the arts and a great product.  If you have never checked out a Kickstarter project than this is a good one to get you started.  Dinocalypse Now is amazing, Chuck Wendig has me hooked, and Evil Hat never does anything that isn’t quality.  Now I am off to buy Spirit of the Century Role-Playing game to tide me over until I can read book two, Beyond Dinocalypse.  Until next time, Roll Hard!

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