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Marvel Super Heroes Magazine One Year Subscription Giveaway!

Avengers Assemble!  Seriously that movie was amazing.  If you don't see it on the big screen you will kick yourself.  I have super heroes stuck on my brain now and Marvel Comics and Disney were kind enough to give me a one year subscription to the new Marvel Super Heroes Magazine to give away to one lucky reader in the U.S.  only.  That is eight issues, each 36 pages.  That is nearly a $40 value.

Just leave a comment about what Marvel character you would be and why.  I will pick the winner Thursday May 17th, 2012.   Marvel Super Heroes Magazine contains the following:

  •  Amazing Comics: All-new adventures of familiar Marvel Super Heroes.
  • Pull-Out Posters: Hang up full-color posters of the Avengers of the Marvel Universe.
  • Mighty Marvel Fun: Games, puzzles, cutouts, quizzes, Super Hero IQs, collectible bios plus loads of other fun pages.

If you have a kid, like comics, and would like a comic magazine subscription then just follow along.  If you don't follow the blog or comments than make sure you leave me a way to let you know when you win, such as e-mail or twitter handle.  That way I can find out where to send the subscription.   Until next time, Make Mine Marvel.

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  1. I want to be Heimdall cause he’s a badass and gets to tell people when they can and can’t leave

  2. I would be Captain America he’s in my opinion literally the epitome of a super hero. He sacrifices himself for others, always beats the bad guys, and very patriotic. Yet he doesn’t mind going against things he considers morally wrong (i.e Civil War). Out of the Marvel Universe there’s no one better.

  3. bullseye… because I feel like I could actually accomplish that

  4. Doctor Strange because of the classy costumes.

  5. I would be Ms.Marvel because i always wondered what it would be like to be a woman…

  6. I would be Iron Man, because he is a rich, badass genius. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Captain America. As for why, the dude is able to get Iron Man, Thor, AND the Hulk to follow his commands. You’ve gotta be pretty darned awesome to pull that off…

  8. Hulk

    “Puny God”

    Does anything other than that really need to be said?

  9. Spider Man because it’s my 4-year-old’s favorite and because swinging between skyscrapers looks like a lot of fun! But mostly because I’d do anything to make that kid smile! :)

  10. It would be IronMan for me. That suit is just awesome and the intelligence of Stark is nothing to be dismissed either.

  11. IronMan. The outfit rules.

  12. i would be batman because he is awesome and all his movies are badass

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