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issue3_coverI was bouncing around Twitter and stumbled upon Errational Thinking Magazine, a free online monthly magazine which focuses on tabletop gaming.  With three issues already released, I was more than happy to spend an evening flipping digitally through the pages and enjoyed what I was reading.  It really is a wand of wonder because you don't know what games you might get an article about in an issue.  It reminds me of Dragon Magazine in the early days in that way (yes Dragon used to have articles about a lot more than Dungeons & Dragons once upon a time).

So far we have received articles about role-playing games, board games, card games, reviews, and some fiction.  If you are a Magic the Gathering player than each issue has had a little something for you.  Space, fantasy, horror, and vegetables have all made an appearance (I hope the vegetable thing really made you curious).  I like what I have seen so far and can't wait to read the next one.  They also are looking for submissions so if you want to get some credits and see your name in print I suggest checking out their submission guidelines.  I know I have a little something in the works that I hope to submit soon.  Now that you are done looking at what I have had to say go see for yourself.  Until next time, Roll Hard!

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  1. Awesome stuff. Might very well be checking out the submission guidelines too.

  2. With so many trying to focus and find their niche, it’s nice to find places like this site and Errational Thinking that take a broad look at gaming.

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