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Pathfinder/3.5 Spell: Allelorn’s Intermittent Duration

young wizardA few years back I came up with this spell to allow a wizard or sorcerer to turn off low-level spells and restart them at a later point.  This would save the unused duration and keep those characters from having to memorize low-level protection spells multiple times.  This spell also eliminated the wizard or sorcerer taking several rounds at the beginning of combat to layer up several protection spells before joining in the fight.

Allelorn is a wizard that one of my friend's played in a game I ran and that player provided extensive feedback about this spell.  So in classic Gygaxian fashion I chose to name the spell for him.  Allelorn was also tough, smart, and memorable so the naming is not without in game merit.

Allelorn’s Intermittent Duration

School: Transmutation   Level: sorcerer/wizard 4

Casting Time: 1 minute

Components: V, S, M (a tiny hourglass filled with silver dust worth 5 gp)

Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: 1 day

By exercising your control over your personal arcane power, you interrupt the duration of any 1st thru 3rd level spell you cast where you are one of targets.  You can only affect the duration of the spell on your character, not any other characters that may also be targets of the spell.  You can interrupt the duration of a spell you cast as a standard action and restart it at any time of your choosing within 24 hours as a swift action.  You can interrupt and restart the duration of the affected spell as often as you like until the duration of the spell expires.  This spell does not change the duration of any spell affected by it, it only allows you to choose when to expend the duration.  Any spell affected by this must have duration of at least one round.

The caster can affect one spell level for every two caster levels total during the duration of this spell.  This spell only affects sorcerer/wizard spells that you cast and has no affect on spells you can cast from any other class.  Nor does it have any affect on any spell you cast from a magic item or by using Use Magic Device.  The Extend Spell feat has no effect on this spell and this spell does not affect any spell augmented by the Extend Spell feat.  After casting this spell, the caster may select any spell that meets the requirements at any time during the duration of this spell.  Once selected to be affected by this spell that selection cannot be changed and will be counted against the total spell level limit.

This spell has had some playtesting but I'm curious to hear what you think.  Would you use it in your game?  Would you allow it to be used in your game?  What would you change about the spell?  The comments section is at your disposal and I can't wait to read what you have to say about Allelorn's Intermittent Duration, and until next time, Roll Hard!

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